SEO Development Status

anthony jupiter | 2016-12-30 05:10:38

SEO technology start than earlier, as early as in the 1990s was engaged in related aspects of the work. 1994 yahoo co-founder Yang Jiyuan in order to increase the site's exposure, the method used is the initial SEO technology. In the same year, yahoo, Lycos and other classified directory search engines have been born. In 1995, the software  automatically submitted to the search engine was invented, the search engine go to "intelligent" aspect, followed by the famous spam, but soon after many search engines began to refuse to automatically submit software to submit information. 1995 - 1195, html code in the meta tag search search engine technology was born.The use of meta tags to improve search engine rankings in the technology quickly became mainstream, search engine optimization SEO technology growing. In 1997, automatic detection ranking software come out. 1998 "search engine algorithm" began to focus on external links, "website link breadth" concept was born. Summary of the above work, you can summarize the following characteristics of the development of SEO:

WhiteHat SEO occupy the mainstream of industry SEO, initiative is basically in the hands of whitehat Seoers. Whether it is the search engine itself, or website design company or customer, have a more correct understanding of SEO. White Hat SEO in private is not necessarily so exclusive black hat SEO’s cheating, and some also secretly use black hat means. But basically on the surface, we are still in the promotion of white hat SEO technology, so the whole industry is relatively healthy atmosphere. 2. SEO can be a deeper level of site optimization SEOER can rely on experience to make site optimization decisions, such as who to do with the link to do, how much code optimization to what extent, how to filter the picture, how to write soft paper.