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Nilrodru 2015/02/18 08:08:59 0 0
Hi there,Yesterday I have purchased Spinner Chief3 Ultimate version (One time payment). After getting licence key when started SC3 it is not working. I mean it can't spin any articles. Please check this screen shot url :prntscr.com/66nr5j . The spin articles just same as old articles. I message several times to your support but still don't get any response. May be you are so busy, but in previous (before purchasing software) I got good enough response...
Mafioso 2014/05/06 03:21:12 0 0
Hello, i bought Sc3, and i try to use the super spin with spanish cloud thesaurus.The spin result is worthless. not take any words, only complete phrases and put in the spin exactly the same way:Example:phrase : aportando ideas  y soluciones que mejorarán la idea inicial del proyecto.superspin:  {aportando ideas  y soluciones que mejorarán la idea inicial...
Kevin Cebu 2021/10/16 15:36:32 0 0
HelloI want to use SpinnerChief 6 Ultimate for german content. In the german language we write all nouns in capital letters. My problem is. Everytime i put a new synonym in my spinning text SpinnerChief 6 is changing it to small letters. How can i change that I tried to use the cloud thesaurus and also created a custom thesaurus. What can i do, to let SpinnerChief 6 write in correct german...
Laura Lee 2023/12/15 17:18:25 0 0
We will meet soon....
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Get ready for the 2023 Black...
spinnercopy 2021/01/27 16:21:44 0 0
I purchased the Ultimate version of Spinner Chief 6 and read here that the Content Bomb comes free with it. But when I click on the link, nothing happens. How do I bypass firewall and let the WhiteHatApp install? Can somebody please guide me?
Laura Lee 2023/10/10 11:56:52 0 0
Check more info: https://bit.ly/LauraBBM...
TheGreatMe 2019/08/08 10:43:15 0 0
Hi There,Thanks for accepting my signing on this forum. I am looking to add a news agregator on my blog, wich is in French Language. I would extract 150 words from a feed, and I need to spin all text in French.And my question is : is there a Wordpress plugin for Spinner Chief , that would allow me to spin directly on my WP articles ?Thanks in advanced :).
mamoke 2016/08/23 12:31:56 0 0
Is Spinner Chief 2 still functional? I just downloaded it a while ago and it's taking more than two hours to send me a verification email .
Mihaela Luca 2023/09/14 18:40:52 0 0
Hi. A few months ago I made a subscription that is paid automatically every month, but now I want to unsubscribe. Can someone explain to me how to do this please? I have not found any solution and I have been paying for several months without using this program.. Thank you!
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